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I have more than 20 years experience with hardware, software and business services. I support any business size in relation to IT support services, and find the best solutions to help solve your IT issues.

My smart approach

  • Work fewer hours and save your company money.
  • Retain quality and high standards for my customers.
  • Manage my time and use performance monitoring.
  • Develop sharp leadership skills to support my clients.
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing on quality.

Network Support Services.

I offer a wide range of network support services which includes fitting, configuring and testing network switches, routers, cabling, firewalls and preventing any downtime and disruption to your business. I cover office installations using Office 365 or exchange, hosting services, cabling services and much more.

The benefits of a managed network

  • Reduced downtime and lowered risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • Patch management and upgrades
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Future-proofed technology

Regardless of the type of business you have, I’m responsible for designing, installing and maintaining communications. I offer a range of services exclusively to IT resellers and distributors. My aim is to support businesses in providing the best service I can. If you don’t have the internal resource to deal with any aspect of your service delivery, then I can help.

My support services

  • Office 365
  • Anti Virus
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Patch management and upgrades
  • Hosting Services
  • Cabling Installation
  • Office Move/Relocation
  • Website development
  • Implementing SSL certificates

I tailor your IT services to suit your requirements

If you’re looking for an IT solution for your business, simply talk to me about my IT business solutions. I can put solutions into place for your company at affordable and competitive prices.

I will supply and manage your firewall, provide essential protection and peace of mind for your business.

The benefits of my IT support systems

  • I use and employ the latest technology.
  • I will act quickly on your behalf.
  • I work on monthly and quarterly contracts.
  • My SLAs are in place to support your business.
  • All hardware comes with a 12 month warranty.
  • I’m based in East Kilbride.

More than happy to work further afield anywhere within the UK or Europe.

Network Support Services.

I offer clearly explained help and planning around all aspects of your ICT with no hidden costs and no technical compromise.

I have access to a specialised group of professional resources experienced in a range of systems and project-related activities.

I cover the following

  • Quality management systems.
  • Cyber and IT security.
  • Change/Risk management.
  • Project lifecycle management.
  • Bespoke solutions development.
  • IT strategy.

I take security Seriously

As an Anti-Malware solution I recommend Kaspersky. This AV solution protects your business against viruses and malware that cause unwanted infections for example: Viruses, Trojans and Backdoor Applications.

I use advanced programs and techniques for detecting and removing unwanted applications. This includes penetration testing your network, running applications to detect and remove unwanted applications and creating a report on your business network. Reports are good to help future proof your network.

My smart approach in network protection

  • I patch, update and install the latest AV software on all devices
  • I run scans on your network to look for unwanted programs or applications
  • I run checks against your server to look for outdated policies
  • I check for signs of ransomware on your business network