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Information Security Consultant & Network Defence Specialist

I'm a technology Geek and focus on Information Security (Cyber Security), Penetration Testing, Network Security, Wireless Security & Website Development.

I improve the resilience of businesses by securing network infrastructures.

» Advanced Penetration Testing Services for Businesses.
I cover Networks, Wireless Systems, Devices & Provide Pen Testing Services.

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Get a network report for your business.
Let me know what questions and/or feedback you have for me. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

The best way to build a strong defense is to use my network defense services.

I will keep your server or network updated with the latest patches and updates and configure your firewall to make your network more secure. I provide penetration testing services.

I have more than 20 years experiance with IT and development.

Ethical Hacker (CEH) | CISSP | CompTIA Security+ | ISO/IEC 27001

Keith Griffiths - Ethical Hacker
Call: 07411 835 390 | Email:
Kali linux, systems I work with

Cyber Security and network support solutions, designed to insure and secure your business in the event of a cyber attack.

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