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Artificial Intelligence (AI), are we ready for the next phase?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic at this moment. follow the warnings scholars give us about this type of technology but don’t worry, it’s not going to destroy the world, not yet anyway. Technology is always going to be open to abuse, this is why we create laws and best practices to protect humans, for example: ‘The three laws of robotics’.

Any rational person should know that an ‘AI’ isn’t really a threat to anybody. After all, no matter how smart technology is, whether it’s a device or software, it has no motive for destroying human life. The only threat is our self-preservation and the assumption we will lose our authoritative power, which is a ballance of our ego. We should embrace AI and what this can do for us.

We could assume that AI is only a threat if we program devices to become violent. Added to which, we still have the off button in our hands, or kill switch if anything goes wrong. Let’s not forget about the ‘three laws of Robotics’.

Bill Gates Warns About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bill said ‘he cannot understand why people are not taking the threat more seriously’, and yet Microsoft is working on AI technology to date. Ok. Added to this, Mr Gates implied ‘it will take over many human tasks without any ethical understanding’, but that is a moot point on its own.

Humans have morals and ethics and there are people who live among us that don’t. This is the case in every walk of life including the animal kingdom.

When AI comes into existence, developers could include Isaac Asimov’s ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ laws which form the AI’s morals and ethic values or principles. An AI would learn from people and influences that surround it, just like humans do.

Embrace what I’m about to say, what we have learned in a lifetime an AI robot could learn in just a few days. What could this unit create after gaining this knowledge? And where could this take us in just a few years if they are this smart.

Movies and TV Have They Caused Us to Panic?

The Terminator, Matrix, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, TV programs and movies have made people worry that we won’t be able to turn an AI unit off. It has also made us concerned that an AI system may view us as a threat and try to eliminate us, this notion alone is a very broken-down version of how we should be looking at AI.

AI would have no emotions, no instincts and no conscious, so why would there be a will to survive or the requirement for self-preservation exist? Why would this unit want to destroy its maker? What benefit is the benefit of not having humans around? Will an AI unit develop a conscience? After all, this is a subject in itself, let’s ask the question, where does consciousness come from?

Who Says We Are In Danger From Extermination?

Elon Musk said that AI may be a reality in as few as five years, and Professor Hawking told the BBC, ‘The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.’ Bill Gates also claims that AI is a big threat, despite the fact his company is working on a personal assistant that resembles AI.

Elon Musk has invested ten million dollars ($10,000,000) into investigating the negative consequences of AI, and he said it would be more devastating than the invention of atomic weapons.

There is only one problem with AI, it might not be possible to create an AI robot in our lifetime. We are clearly going to get some very good imitations of an AI, and there could be programs in the future that are able to learn in a way that makes it appear intelligent, but the fact is that true Artificial Intelligence may not be possible in the same way. Not yet anyway.

Bill Gates said

I am concerned about super intelligence. Machines will do a lot of jobs for us without being super intelligent, which will work if we manage it well. However, at some point artificial intelligence may be a concern. I agree with Elon Musk and some others about the existential threat caused by AI and I don’t understand why people are not concerned.’

Will Any AI Ever Pass A Genuine Turing Test?

The Turing Test helps to identify a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour that is equivalent to, or that is indistinguishable from, the behaviour of a human.

Though supercomputers might one day create a high level of intelligence within a piece of software or a device, and even though this will it be able to retain information and do things far better than the human mind, the fact is that it’s very unlikely going to be able to function as a human brain does, which means we will always have the advantage due to our capacity for original and unique thought.

Let me know your thoughts about artificial intelligence in the comments below.


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The Microsoft Hololens: An Augmented Reality Headset

The Microsoft Hololens is what is known as an Augmented Reality (AR) device

This unit is worn much like a pair of large goggles and it will provide a nearly unsurpassed user experience in terms of functionality and versatility. As the Hololens is still rather new to the market, it makes sense to take a look at some of its basic features.



The device can be broken down into two sections. There is an outer portion which contains all of the necessary hardware and an inner ‘ring’ that is intended to fit snugly around the head of the wearer. Many have already attested to the fact that it is extremely lightweight and comfortable. There is also an optional nose support for those who desire extra stability (such as gamers).


The Hololens is purported to be akin to a traditional computer screen in three dimensions and yet with unmatched quality. We should keep in mind that this device is intended to be used for holographic viewing as opposed to VR (Virtual Reality) needs alone. Thus, users will be able to enjoy such features as spatial mapping, sound commands and the ability to place ‘virtual’ objects around the room. This may very well enable the Hololens to be just as appropriate within the workplace as it is for traditional gaming needs.


Spatial Sound

A unique innovation that is likely to prove quite popular with users is a feature known as spatial sound. In simpler terms, sounds will become louder or quieter in relation to where the subject stands from a certain object (a musical instrument, for instance). This is quite novel and the level of realism that such an advancement offers has yet to be fully appreciated.

Compatibility and Price

It is important to note that the Hololens is fully compatible with the Windows 10 operating system. In fact, developers stated that it would be ready for the launch of this next version of Windows. In regards to the price of the product, rumours are still circulating. Some claim that it will range between $500 and $1,500 dollars although such figures have not yet been confirmed. It is more likely to fall somewhere in between these two numbers. When we consider that the MacBook Pro is $1,400 dollars, the Hololens suddenly appears to be affordable.

These are some of the primary features that the Microsoft Hololens will provide to the user. We should still recall that as of the time of this article, the product has not yet been released to the public. It will be interesting to see how customers react to this decidedly amazing technology.


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The singularity – when humans and machines merge

A.I. or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is a subject I find fascinating. The possibility of humans merging with machines is not just a reflection of our imagination. Let’s ask the question of how advanced this is, and you’ll begin to see that we are not far off reaching our objective. Kurzweil predicts this date could be as soon as 2045, (that’s only 30 years away).

The next advancement in human development, or is it just Sci-Fi?

If you haven’t picked up on this yet, the media have already started to introduce the concept of humans merging with machines. When you look at movies such as, Ex Machina, TV dramas like Humans (on C4), and people in high positions talking about humans merging with machines, this makes you take notice, well it makes me take notice!

Roman V. Yampolskiy who wrote ‘Artificial Superintelligence: A Futuristic Approach’, (opens your mind to A.I.) and Kurzweil who wrote ‘The Singularity Is Near’, which is an interesting read. For those who don’t know who Kurzweil is, he is the director of engineering at Google.

An interesting story in the LA times suggesting that Robots could take our Jobs, really… When it comes to business; it makes sense to use technology to enhance performance. Should we question the morality of technology? We should question everything in my opinion. The one thing that’s clear to me is that technology enhances business when the right technology is applied to a business and managed properly. We can clearly see how technology has taken over our lives in relation to education, ticket sales, self checkouts, dependency on technology and so on… Read this statement from Ofcom, it’s a scary fact! Should we manage our time better?

Consumers are spending almost half (45 per cent) of their waking hours watching TV, using their mobiles and other communications devices, new Ofcom research revealed today. – ofcom

The future of jobs

We should look at this and question what’s going to happen. Are robots really taking over our lives? Let’s look at machines, computers, and mobile devices, they are there to enhance our lives by pushing through production at a faster rate, helps to create jobs for the creative sectors and financial institutions and helps to create jobs in other areas.

The more we develop technology for the benefit of our lives we’ll achieve the singularity state quicker than the predicted date. (I believe we could reach this state within the next 10 to 15 years, ‘if it’s not already integrated into society’).

In the future most generalized jobs will be replaced by technology, this should help us to re-focus on the types of jobs we should go for and what we should look at studying in our Universities and colleges.

Ok, so what’s the real interest in A.I.?

Let’s consider, for example; life extension technology, deep space exploration and advanced learning capabilities (to name a few). A.I. or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will help us calculate large amounts of data very quickly and enable us to push technology further. The question remains, do we want to make a robot that’s capable of taking over humans? That’s a morality question or a ‘what if’ question… A.I. will enable us to further advance and enrich our lives. So where does this leave humans? Apart from our conscious or soul, in comparison with a machine, we are simply limited by intellect, illness, and aging. Don’t worry, I haven’t ruled the human race yet!

Let me know your thoughts on A.I.

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