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Atlas: An Agile Anthropomorphic Robot – is Skynet real?

For those who are not aware of the advancements in robotic technology, there is a company called Boston Dynamics who are working on a range of advanced robots, funded by Darpa of course. These advanced robots are able to manoeuvre, walk, run and take front and side impacts of extreme weight. I know this may sound crazy, but imagine for a second if someone had developed  a self-awareness chip to use...

Nanocapacitors: spray on Antenna, Boosts Mobile Signal

After stumbling across this product I wanted to present my views as I am one for new and emerging technologies, for me this new technology really makes you doubtful about the direction we are moving. What are Nanocapacitors? An electronic energy-storage device that stores an abundance of energy but also charges up quickly and provides powerful bursts when required. Nanocapacitors increase mobile antenna...

Getting into Google’s Smart Glove

Getting into Googles Smart Glove
Since Project Glass, we’ve seen how we can view media and the online world through eye-wear technology, the question keeps coming up time again; how do we best interact with this technology? We are given enough ways to view it all and speak in increasingly convenient ways, using our hands and body movements whilst out and about. That is why Google hopes to tackle this issue with Google’s...

Actroid: Life like Human Robots

Meet Actroid, a metal robot beneath human-like skin and eyes, who moves, speaks and acts just like any other human. At the first glance, you might pass this robot as a real human with their realistic mannerisms and attitude. However, on a closer look, you will realise that the person who just stood there and spoke to you is actually a human android! Marking a huge leap in science and technology, Actroid...

Inspiring Science and Engineering: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest particle accelerator. It lies up to 175 metres deep in parts below the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva in Switzerland and it’s tunnel has a circumference of 27 kilometres. This huge piece of engineering was collaborated on by over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries. It was build with the aim of exploring many physics...

Google’s Project Glass 2012

Project glass
Google’s Project Glass is an ongoing research and development program to develop a head-mounted hands-free computing device. The end product would be a smart pair of glasses with a small transparent LCD or AMOLED display screen and a battery embedded within the frame. The glasses will be powered with Android operating system and incorporate motion sensors, a front facing camera with flash, GPS and...

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