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How to open Microsoft Excel workbooks in separate windows

I prefer working with different Excel sheets in separate windows, however, I discovered a flaw in excel on one of my machines running, Office. If you work on two different Excel sheets (side by side) you’ll find you can only work on one excel sheet at a time, (depending on your version of office) this is annoying.

I have found a walk around for this problem which involves changing registry entries’ on your computer

Microsoft Excel walk-around – as a note; underlines are used to highlight a specific section, don’t include any underlines in any of your modifications. I have included a disclaimer below:

(Disclaimer: I don’t take any responsibility for any damage or loss of data as a result of changing or making any modifications to your computer registry).

I have tried and tested this update on my own computer and have not experienced any issues.

Phase one

Open up Windows registry editor

  • Hold the Windows key down (next to your CTRL key) and press R
  • Type in: regedit in your Run box and click ok.

This opens your registry editor, once this has loaded up select the following:

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (select the arrow next to the folder to expand this section)
  • Scroll down and locate the folder: Excel.Sheet.12, expand this section.
  • Select the shell folder
  • Select the Open folder
  • Next, you will see a folder called command, select this folder.
  • To the right you will see the name (Default) right click this and select Modify.
  • You will have this /e at the end of your Value data, add the following: “%1” to the end of this section and click ok.
  • Under (Default) you will see command, select this, right click this section and rename this to command2 (without the underline).
  • Look at the yellow folders to your left, below the yellow folder command there is a folder called: ddeexec, rename this to ddeexec2.

Phase two

  • Go to your folders in the pain to your left
  • Scroll down and locate the folder: Excel.Sheet.12, under this folder, go to Excel.Sheet.8 and repeat the process you done in Phase one to this section.

Once you have completed this task, close down your registry editor and open your excel documents, you should be able to open two separate excel sheets.

If you have found this useful leave a comment below.

3 Comments Published

By Sumit Jan 8, 2015 Reply

Microsoft Office 13 does this job automatically. No need to fiddle around with technical or registry editing.

Keith Griffiths
By Keith Griffiths Jan 8, 2015 Reply

Thanks for your feedback. I upgraded my version of Microsoft Office 2007 a while ago, this is what brought this to my attention when I used one of my older machines running Microsoft Office 2007.

By Jerry Okorie Jan 7, 2015 Reply

Awesome, this will save me a whole lot of time. Very useful tip.

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