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10 Fundamental tools for SEOs, bloggers and writers

When creating content for your readers, try maximising your readership for each publication you publish.

The one drawback to this is that you need to carry out a range of checks to make sure your content is accessible, loads quickly enough for people to read and is written uniquely. That’s assuming what you have written interests your readers!

If you’re looking for a list of sites to help with accessibility or to let you know if your webhost is up, then continue reading…

Below is a list of sites I use to cross check the quality of a platform I’m using, monitor traffic, check page load speed and to look at the market of people I want to reach.

Google speed test

You can use this tool to measure the download speed of each page using your domain’s URL. It’s handy to know how long it takes for your page to load as this effects your on-page bounce rate.

This test covers mobile and desktop insights. You can quickly identify images which are taking a while to download, JavaScript issues, CSS and HTML issues, and find suggestions to fix those issues.

Slow load rate = high bounce rate

Visit this site here: click here.

Google’s safe browsing test

https://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=replace this text with your domain name

Google classes certain sites as unsafe. Use this tool to find out if your site is listed as suspicious. If it is classed as suspicious you will (at some point) have a message replacing your site telling people your site is unsafe. If you experience an issue like this look through your site for iframe code, or malicious scripts and remove them from your site. Change your system passwords and inform your hosting company about what has happened. Ask them to scan your website for malicious code you may have missed.

Visit this site by putting your URL after the equals symbol above and pasting this into your browser’s address bar.

Google webmaster tools

Webmaster tools or WMT has a range of tools to help you better understand who links to your content and the keywords they use to get to your site. If Google picks up problems with your page or website, they let you know you have site issues. Once you have identified your site issues, try to resolve them right away or this will result in poorly indexed content which will affect how your content is ranked.

Visit this site here: click here.

Google’s mobile friendly tests

This tool is great for focusing directly on the mobile version of your site, as more people are accessing websites via mobile devices, one third of my traffic is mobile, so I have optimized this site for mobile devices.

Visit this site here: click here.

Google’s IPV6 detection tools

Check to see if you are IPv6 enabled. What is IPv6? IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6): it’s the latest version of the IP (Internet Protocol), this is the protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the web.

Visit this site here: click here.

Google trends

Look for local trends or international trends as they happen. When looking into markets it’s good to see developing interests in different markets locally or worldwide. They may express a different your view on subjects relating to trending markets.

Visit this site here: click here.

Google’s keyword planner

Google’s keyword planner helps you better understand what people are searching for. I would suggest only looking at the exact match keywords or phrases if you want to home in on a specific keyword or phrase.

Although it’s nice to home in on one or two keywords or phrases, most of the time it’s better to go for long tail phrases which means lots of keywords or phrases.

Visit this site here: click here.

Google’s Ngram viewer

The Google Ngram Viewer is an online phrase-usage graphing tool.

Visit this site here: click here.

Google’s Barometer

Consumer reviews are essential for your website. Find out what people think about your business, or businesses within your sector. Think about key points you want to communicate to your audience. Create a short survey and engage those users who arrive on your site by asking them to fill in a short survey.

Visit this site here: click here.

Google’s URL shortener

There are times you may want to mask or shorten your URL. Google’s URL shortener service works really well, and having tracking stat on the back end of this is a bonus. To use this, simply put your URL in the field and Google’s URL shortener will do the rest.

Visit this site here: click here.

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By Ann May 29, 2015 Reply

This is great to know….I’ve had to quit my job, due to family issues and have been told to start a blog, and I’ve been doing research on the hows and whys and such of running one. This is giving me more insight on having one. Thanks for sharing these tips and links.

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