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Top 10 FREE WordPress Plug-ins

When running a WordPress site, look at getting the most out of your website by installing the best plug-ins you can find.

I have put together 10 of the best plug-ins you can use in WordPress and included a link that will take you to your plug-in of interest. Simply click on the link below the description of each plug-in to get full access to that plug-in.

All in One SEO pack

all in one seo pack

What a fantastic plug-in, I have used this for a while; it’s great for creating custom meta data on static pages and post pages, this plug-in has a lot of features that enables your website to function well in the SERPs.

Visit plug-in page: click here.

Advanced text widget

advanced text widget

The one issue we all face when using WordPress is creating custom widgets which carry out specific functions on different pages, you can also assign the same widgets to specific pages by comma separating by page, slug or ID. If you work a lot with PHP (like I do) this plug-in also allows you to use custom PHP code. This really does the job, it’s not been updated for a while, I have tested this on the latest version of WordPress (version 3.8.1), it works really well.

Visit plug-in page
: click here.

Fast secure contact form

fast secure contact form

Every site should have a contact form, working with PHP you know it’s very easy to create a contact form, it’s not so easy to prevent spam bots from attacking this, for this reason alone this plug-in saves a lot of messing around. If you also need to create custom fields in your contact form, no problem, you can style your form. This secure contact form is great, it does the job, it’s an all in one great plug-in that saves a lot of time, no coding is required.

Visit plug-in page: click here.

GD star rating

gd star rating

I found this plug-in very useful, you can create your own customized rating system which appears under your post articles or pages.

Visit plug-in page: click here.

HTML in Category Descriptions

HTML in Category Descriptions

This is a good plug-in to have. If you looking to include images on your categories or if you want to include HTML or custom content on your category pages then this plug-in is for you.

Visit plug-in page: click here.



This really adds more value to your WordPress site, you have to have a WordPress account to make this operational, you can connect your website site to your wordpress.com account. You get a more detailed analytical account of visitors that come to your website. WordPress.com host your images reducing load time on your site ad there are a few additional tools that give your site additional power on the web.

Visit plug-in page: click here.

Pingdom Real User Monitoring

real user monitoring

Have you ever given any thought to your downtime or server load time? This is very important. Who wants to wait a long time for a page to load?  Say if you didn’t check your website for a few days, this could mean a loss in email, your website being offline or something more serious.

This plug-in allows you to monitor your website from a mobile device so you can keep an eye on things when you’re on the go. You can also set this to send an email to you when your website is down, the best thing is that this is a free service, they have upgrade options to monitor more than one device, believe me, when I tell you, this is one of the most valuable plug-ins you can have.

Visit plug-in page: click here.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster

If you want to reach other networks with your content this plug-in work really well, one of the best free submission plug-ins I have used. You can setup automated submissions to social networks and article site. Not to be used as a spam system, only as a way to get your content out to your networks, it really helps automate your posts.

Visit plug-in page: click here.

Simple Pull Quote

simple pull quote

I like to code things up myself as I have been doing this for a while, if you don’t like coding then this plug-in works really well and helps to break your content up, see above.

Visit plug-in page: click here.

Wordfence Security


Never say never. You would be surprised at the amount of people who try and gain access to your website, this plug-in helps you to keep your site secure.  You can record the IP address of an intruder and block by a single IP or on a range.

Visit plug-in page: click here.

If you would like any more feedback on these plug-ins above leave a comment below and I can address any issues you find with these plug-ins.

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