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Nikola Tesla: One of the Most Important Scientists of His Time and a Genius

We should never underestimate the power of self-discovery and work towards our strengths and further develop our world with new technologies.

Science is an important part of our development and we should encourage the growth of our scientific communities

When we think about people who helped shape modern technology, we think about people such as Alexander Graham Bell, Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison. While they do deserve to be mentioned for their contributions to scientific advances, often the name Nikola Tesla is overlooked.

Born in Serbian, Tesla was raised in an Orthodox Christian family. (Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments). Tesla’s father was an Orthodox minister who had an ability to memorize epic poems, create tools and mechanical appliances.

Despite this, Tesla credited his phenomenal memory and creativity to his uneducated mother.

Tesla’s eidetic (photographic) memory offered him many advantages including memorizing entire books and learning eight different languages. Due to this extraordinary ability, Tesla did not tend to write down specifications or plans for his creations before building them. He often favored working directly from his memory. It’s quite possible that this is one of the reasons why his work fell into relative obscurity after his death.

Perhaps the most notable of Tesla’s discoveries is the development of Alternating Current and power units. Alternating Current is the power we receive from power plants, through electrical sockets and is different from direct current which is found in most batteries.

AC power is often wrongly credited to Tesla’s contemporary

Fact: Thomas Edison (whom Tesla had worked for) had a misunderstanding regarding Tesla’s pay which formed a rift between the two scientists.

Here is a list of a few of Tesla’s inventions

  • Alternating Current
  • X-rays
  • Radio
  • Remote Control
  • Robotics
  • Lasers
  • Wireless Communications
  • Limitless Free Energy
  • HAARP and more …

The use of radio waves was also one of the areas in which Tesla explored. Creating the first radio controlled model ship, Tesla demonstrated his innovation to a crowd of people in Madison Square Garden to much skepticism. Many people simply could not believe that the ship was, in fact being guided by use of radio waves and instead believed that something as outrageous as telepathy, magic, or a trained monkey was being used instead.

It wasn’t until World War One that this invention was seriously considered for military applications. This advancement paved the way for wireless technology (which is so prevalent in our day).

Tesla died alone in his apartment in 1943. He was in debt despite having sold his patent for AC electrical power. His ashes are now kept in a gold-plated sphere on top of a marble pedestal in a museum honoring his accomplishments. This helps demonstrate his value to the scientific community (despite having died in relative poverty). Every electrical socket or piece of wireless technology is a testimony to Tesla’s brilliance.

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