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Atlas: An Agile Anthropomorphic Robot – is Skynet real?

darpa2For those who are not aware of the advancements in robotic technology, there is a company called Boston Dynamics who are working on a range of advanced robots, funded by Darpa of course. These advanced robots are able to manoeuvre, walk, run and take front and side impacts of extreme weight.

I know this may sound crazy, but imagine for a second if someone had developed  a self-awareness chip to use within the brain of this cyborg

Just to give you a heads up here, there is a business under a different name, funded by Darpa, guess what they are developing? If you’re like me you guessed correctly, they are working on a system called SyNAPSE.


“SyNAPSE is a DARPA-funded program to develop neuromorphic microprocessor systems that match the intelligence, physical size, and low power consumption of animal brains.” – Artificial Brains

Well there you go; I would say ‘let’s imagine what it would be like in the future, we should start to prepare for the future’.

I have worked with electronics since 1998, my electronics teacher introduced the concept of product development, I never really thought of making my own electronic devices so I went ahead and built a few devices, which I must say I thought they were good’ if you are new to electronics learn about resistors, as they are used in everything.

My first three projects:

  • Water indicator
  • Monostable and astable device
  • Speaker system with amplifier

At the moment I am working with electromagnetism, ’2 year project’.

I do digress, back to ‘Atlas’, this is what you call an advancement in technology, I can’t wait to see an actual working prototype in action, ‘without wires and support’.

Check out this video of Atlas

Keith Griffiths

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  1. Katie Loewen says:

    This is some pretty scary stuff! Why do humans insist on creating monsters like this? It could turn on us! :/

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