Nanocapacitors: spray on Antenna, Boosts Mobile Signal

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After stumbling across this product I wanted to present my views as I am one for new and emerging technologies, for me this new technology really makes you doubtful about the direction we are moving.

What are Nanocapacitors?

An electronic energy-storage device that stores an abundance of energy but also charges up quickly and provides powerful bursts when required.

Nanocapacitors increase mobile antenna efficiency which is just one of the features of this new spray-on technology; this enables mobile devices to transmit signals over longer distances.

Chamtech has developed the “Spray-On Antenna” to assist intelligence gathering operations by concealing the antennas for equipment that needs to transmit and or receive in frequency bands from 1 MHz through 6.4 GHz. The spray has no reflective values and can also be sprayed over lightly with non-metallic paints to provide additional concealment, ideal for operations that require the ability to “Hide in Plain Sight” (HiPS).” – Chamtech

After vigorous tests Chamtech are apparently able to send VHF signals up to 14 miles away, it means that you can spray: trees, walls, cars, cloths, animals and floors. Every object  sprayed will turn into transmitter receiver or help boost electronic surveillance equipment.

DARPA have even shown an interest in this application.

Although this concept is not a new technology, the way in which this application works is a new technology, its light weight and invisible. After all using a tree as opposed to a 15 foot aerial has its benefits, my questions would be:

  • What impact does this have on the environment?
  • Is this the next stage of RFID technology?

Google’s ‘Solve for X’ conference unveils the spray product.

“Solve For X is a place to hear about and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems.”

Just think we thought this would end with GPS systems, in fact we aim to develop smaller and smaller components, can you remember mobile phones 10+ years ago? ‘Yes the house brick’. I strongly believe Nano technology is the main direction we are moving, who knows where this will take us or what types of systems we could end up developing in the next 10+ years.

This spray on technology will improve with time, and achieve further distances.

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Nanocapacitors: spray on Antenna, Boosts Mobile Signal, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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  1. This is actually pretty awesome! The stuff they come up with nowadays is incredible :). Thanks for sharing! I’m a huge fan! 🙂

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