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Getting into Google’s Smart Glove

Since Project Glass, we’ve seen how we can view media and the online world through eye-wear technology, the question keeps coming up time again; how do we best interact with this technology?

We are given enough ways to view it all and speak in increasingly convenient ways using our hands and body movements

That is why Google hopes to tackle this issue with Google’s smart glove, a patent recently applied for to help get a better grasp with their UI.

What Google aims to do with their Smart Glove is enable people to navigate their way around a user-interface using a variety of techniques. (Including the more obvious motion sensor technology) It will track your fingertip movements with cameras whilst allowing you to communicate with others.

What it is essentially doing is acting as a computer for your hands which enables you to interact with what you are viewing.

The title for this patent is ‘Seeing with your hands’, which says it all.

This is the missing part in the jigsaw that Google have been looking for.

Wearable technology which we access through the use of touch has been in the pipeline for some time, Google may finally achieve that dream.

The cost of this technology is not yet known, until it’s available to the public we wont know for some time yet.

So, as they say, watch this space to witness what unfolds.

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