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Actroid: Life like Human Robots

Meet Actroid, a metal robot beneath human-like skin who moves, speaks and acts just like any other human.

At first glance, you might pass this robot as a real human with realistic mannerisms

However, on a closer look, the person who just stood there and spoke to you is an android!

Marking a huge leap in science and technology, Actroid takes robotics to a higher level

Actroid is not only shaped like a human, it can imitate your movements and give you a feeling of togetherness that you would not get with other robots. Actroid has built in cameras in its retina which follow you as you move.

Actroid has been tested in human environments. Not only will they be able to do your laundry, cook and clean, but they will also be able to look after the elderly and look after the children.

These Actroids learn through watching you and so adapting to your environment.

Tests and trials are underway to see how these robots interact in work, hospitals and other places. They tend to the elderly and to those with special needs. Not only can these robots be used to monitor the health conditions of a patient, but can also take over when there is no person around.

These robots can also act as a communicating and observing friend for children, who have issues with developmental disorders. On the other hand, they can converse with the elderly and retired people and help avoid their mental decline.

Though there are apprehensions about such activities, as some say that people might be cut off from real human beings if they spend too much time with Actroids. What about children with Actroid babysitters, this could have a negative impact; however, the benefits from an Actroid might just supersede them all.


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