Cyber Security Specialist and Security Analyst

I provide a range of IT services for a broad range of businesses.

If you have an IT related issue contact me here or call me on 07411 835 390. I have listed the main areas I work in below.

Website Developer

I create quality websites and work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I cover network security and work with Linux and Windows servers, read more.

SEO Specialist

Specialising in Organic traffic and paid traffic. I can help you rank well in the search engines. I work with SMEs across a range of sectors.

Data Management

Specialising in data analysis, data mining, organising data and performing research. I also work with spreadsheets SQL, MySQL, and Oracle databases.

More about me...

I'm currently employed as a cyber security spcialist. Supporting business servers, routers, firewalls, and all types of IT systems. working with Windows server, Linux, and MAC. I advise businesses of ways to strengthen and tighten up there internal and external systems.

  • I work within a wide range of business sectors.
  • I work with all types of IT systems.
  • I can develop anything online, and work with code daily.
  • I'm situated in South Lanarkshire and have worked mainly in the North West of England.
  • I use organic and paid methods to deliver results in relation to online marketing.

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I explore my interests in technology, chemistry, electronics, mathematics, and science. To date I’m developing online systems using C+, Visual c#, PHP and MySQL, working with electronics, pen testing, and working with a number of IT systems.

Work strategy - SBBL

  • Strategy : work on an idea and look at all possible outcomes
  • Build : Develop this concept and test, test and test again
  • Brand : build in the brand so it becomes identifiable
  • Live : publish test and further develop







Online security




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